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Transgression and decadence, explore the underground revolution with Fury and Elysium.

Fury and Elysium: transgression, revolution, and decadence in Berlin. A brand-new
musical that explores a world of political revolution, artistic and sexual freedom. Fury and
Elysium pays homage to six highly influential Weimar Republic icons who put their
idiosyncratic stamp on Berlin during a period of radical change, rebellious spirit and
boldness between the two world wars.
With a particular focus on placing centre stage the fascinating lives of three Jewish
women. Fury and Elysium depicts Berlin’s queer culture, celebrating the drag kings and
romance to be found below ground in the infamous cabaret clubs. Featuring a live band,
Fury and Elysium immerses audiences in Weimar history and culture, both artistic and
Join our ensemble for an evening of authentic Weimar decadence, pulchritude, pomp
and splendour. These iconic characters contributed significantly to the pulsating flair of
the metropolis while the Nazi storm on the horizon began to blaze.

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