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Reality slips to fantasy in this historically inaccurate, and weirdly gay musical drama

Volume Club Presents in association with East 15 & The Other Palace.

A historically inaccurate, weirdly gay musical drama.

Oubliette [ oo-blee-et ] noun a secret dungeon with an opening only in the ceiling, cruelly translates from French as ‘The Oopsie Forgotten’.

In the deepest darkest depths of a castle, and in a desperate effort to keep each other sane, two prisoners Scott and Jasper practise all manner of play. As reality slips to fantasy, a sordid love affair unfurls… all from the comfort of one of history’s cruellest punishments, the Oubliette.

A dynamic piece of magical melodic realism, Oubliette is a fantastical tragedy-meets-farce, chocked full of camp and macabre musical medieval magic, exploring the human capacity to fantasise our way out of the most dire circumstances…

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